14 March 2007

Two Months Since My Last Post...

Clint and I have been in a season of busyness, and I've had difficulty finding time to pursue certain enjoyments, such as blogging.

There are so many things that I am thankful for at the moment. God has shown himself to be good in providing for us and leading us in new directions.

Calvary Grace Church has been a source of encouragement to us as it continues to grow in health and number. We have had the privilege of developing and deepening relationships with people there and we have found great joy in developing friendships. I have also thoroughly enjoyed sitting under Clint's preaching each week (is a wife allowed to say that about her husband?). He is currently trying to preach through larger chunks of Scripture, and I find it really helpful in discerning broader themes and intents throughout. One of the most encouraging aspects of this fellowship, is seeing the sacrificial and giving spirit of many of the people there. Some are really going out of their way to help others, see the church move forward, and ultimately see God's name glorified.

God has also graciously provided us with a house to rent for the next year. We are thankful for our little 'trailer on the prairie', but the riddle of where to fit all of baby's stuff and still have room to walk around, was getting a little overwhelming. So we are moving into the town of High River in April, and Clint and my Dad are busy doing some renovations whenever they can find time.

We are also extremely thankful for this little life growing inside of me. As the date of his arrival is getting closer, our anticipation is growing. I am now about 32 weeks along, and incredibly excited to meet him.

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