28 July 2006

Against Silence

Bless , O my soul, the God of grace;
His favours claim thy highest praise;
Why should the wonders he hath wrought,
Be lost in silence and forgot?

~Isaac Watts (1674-1748) Bless O My Soul the Living God

27 July 2006

Our Blessed Union

I have been in a blessed union with Christ since I was a little girl, and a blessed union with my husband for three years.

I am very excited to be sharing a blog with my favorite cowboy. Mostly, because it will be fun to share about our blessed union from two different perspectives, but also because it will raise my status in the blogosphere. As for the other reasons, I am in agreement with what my husband said, although I'm not sure that "un-idle" is a word.

Introducing "Blessed Union"

Our's is a blessed union. Not only our blessed marriage, but also our blessed bond with Christ our savior.

Since we are both infrequent, though earnest bloggers, my wife and I have decided to join forces in an attempt to stay current and un-idle.

We may still continue our other blogs, Coloratura Christian and Cowboyology, but our new focus will be here --celebrating our blessed union.

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