10 January 2007

"Embracing the Pain"

Clint and I began our childbirth classes last Monday. We were very curious to see what the evening would hold, especially because we decided to take Bradley Method childbirth classes.

Dr Bradley was an American doctor who pushed to have husbands in the delivery room at a time when it was generally frowned upon. His method basically teaches that by understanding the mechanics of the body in labor, and by utilizing relaxation techniques and deep abdominal breathing through contractions, a woman can achieve an unmedicated, and positive birthing experience. The key to his method is the support and coaching of the husband.

As we were driving to the first class we were trying to imagine what kind of people would be attracted to this natural method of childbirth. A few stereotypes came to our minds, but most of the people were actually quite normal. There were a few odd couples. At least one couple were Reiki practicing new age experts who claimed be in touch with the universe.

The funniest part of the evening was when we were having a discussion about how we usually deal with pain. Many were trying to sound enlightened and sophisticated. Amongst responses such as "meditation" and "I embrace the pain", Clint threw out "drugs, lots of drugs."

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