17 December 2006

First Pictures of Baby Humfrey

At 19 weeks, he's growing into such a big boy! The ultrasound technician asked us how big we thought he was. Clint said 3 inches. I said 5 inches. He laughed and told us that baby Humfrey is now about 11 inches long! I love this picture of his little feet! We also found out that his head is big for his age. No surprise there...Clint and I both have rather large heads. Although, I can't say that I'm excited to deliver that big head!

The most exciting part was when we found out baby Humfrey is a he. It took us at least a whole day to get over the shock of that one. I was so convinced it was a girl and had succeeded in convincing Clint it was a girl. We picked out a perfect girl name. My mother-in-law was also convinced and about to start sewing a pink and brown quilt for him. Ha! God is good! We are so excited about our little boy!

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