23 November 2006

More Church Planting

Yesterday I visited with my brother-in-law, Chad and his wife Karmyn as they were in Western Canada on a brief fact-finding trip for a church plant in Vernon, BC.

Chad shared with me how the Southern Baptist Convention has multiple layers of administration which work efficiently together to help see churches planted. In particular, Chad observed the relative newness of the Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists, which he concluded would offer a great deal of freedom in his ministry. Since the SBC is not a monolith, Chad was very concerned to have doctrinal and methodological freedom to implement solid biblical exposition as well as biblical models of church planting. It appears that he has that freedom, and so he may well become a Southern Baptist!

A key in all of it is Chad's connections to churches in the US where he is currently attending Liberty Seminary (is this the 2nd or 3rd MA?). He also is booked to go to Capitol Hill Baptist in Washington, DC for one of Mark Dever's Weekenders. It would be wonderful if Chad got sending support from a church like Capitol Hill!

May the Lord bless Chad and Karmyn as they continue to seek His gracious leading.

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