13 November 2006

Clint's Review of Recent Events

Although the work of the farm-hand has not meshed well with the demands of the blogosphere, I am now able to offer a bit to the latter.


Harvest is over so Christel and I went to Phoenix, AZ for a much needed vacation. The weather was hot (high 80's to low 90's) although the return to a blizzarding Calgary was quite shocking to our tanned faces!


Now that it is winter, I am trying to transition into more ministry-oriented labours. Yesterday, I taught at Okotoks Ev. Free Church at the request of Dan Sudfeld, where I began a 4 Sunday series on Church History figures: John Calvin, John Owen, Jonathan Edwards, and Robert Murray M'Cheyne. Although Dan picked out the figures, they are all dear to my heart and I couldn't have chosen better! Marlene Sudfeld gave me a warm introduction to the class in Dan's absence. I was thankful for God's help as I weakly tried to speak about Calvin's theological largesse in a mere 45 minutes!


Looking back prior to our Phoenix trip, we were delighted to have a visit from my former colleague at Toronto Baptist Seminary, Dr. Pierre Constant and his wonderful wife, Lise. It was a treat to be able to show them around the farm and take them into downtown Calgary for a plate of Alberta beef. Pierre shared encouraging reports from TBS with enrollment up and an influx of committed and godly young men.

A meeting that didn't take place was with Dr. Crawford Gribben of Manchester who was in Calgary delivering lectures for the Chair of Christian Thought. Crawford was gracious in understanding my situation as I was pressed for time before departing to Arizona.


On the cowboy front, I spent 4 days at the summer pasture rounding up the cow-herd with my brother and a friend. It was snowy and cold the whole time but we were pleased to corral the main herd except for a couple of wild cow-calf pairs that broke through the fence. Once the snow gets deeper they should become easily persuaded to come in---or else with a long rope! I'm sure it took the first day or two in Phoenix for my toes to thaw out from all of that time in the cold stirrups.

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