12 August 2006

Young Men Leaving, Old Men Passing On

With the passing on to glory of my former teacher and colleague, Dr. Geoff Adams, and the departure of my two brothers-in-law to school in Virginia, it feels a bit strange to be sitting here in rural Alberta, my temporary destination.

But as the sorrow of a fruitful ministry gone begins to settle, the hope of new ventures arises.

I pray that the myopia that plagues us all would be crushed by the weight of glory to be revealed as God manifests his saving, reviving power.

As Christians we look to the future, though anchored in the past. Who knows what God may do through young men going off to school, young women handing on the faith to a new generation, and not-so-young folks striving to finish well.

Lord, grant us all the quickening of your Spirit!

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