13 August 2006

Trying Exams, an Aleatoric Chorus and Excellent Preaching

It's been a tiring week. I just finished writing some music history and theory exams that I needed to complete for my ARCT diploma. I only left myself about 3 weeks to study, which was apparently not enough time.

During these three weeks we also made a few trips to Edmonton where Clint preached at Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Edmonton and I learned how to make apple pie from my Grandmother (who is known for making amazing pies.)

The night before my first exam I had what may have been a refining moment from the Lord or else it was a cruel jest from the devil. I was wound up in a knot with all these facts, dates and chord progressions running through my head, when all of the sudden I heard noises coming from the other room. I woke Clint up in a hurry and he eventually got up to check (being the wonderful husband that he is). Of course it was mice running around and having a grand old time in my kitchen. We closed the bedroom door, but they could still have easy access to our bedroom through the pipelines.

At this point, I wasn't thinking about chord progressions, but rather about mice running across my face while I slept! I could hear every little noise and creek, and said as much to my husband. He replied, "Oh no, that's just the skunk living under our trailer." Somehow this didn't comfort me. Just as I started to dowse off, the whole coyote family and their friends decided to come out with a rising chorus of howls at our gate, and of course the train went by with it's horn blasting away. I thought to myself, "John Cage may call this music." Mice squeaking, skunks scratching, coyotes howling and trains bellowing makes for a great aleatoric modern composition.

On a more optimistic note, I was refreshed this morning at church. Unfortunately, our pastor is ill, and so we were informed that we would hear a sermon on CD. This is when it is a blessing to be married to a preacher. The chairman announced, "As providence would have it, we have a preacher with a sermon in the back pocket of his wranglers."

Clint preached the best sermon that I think he's ever preached (although I do seem to say that after every sermon.) He preached the same one in Edmonton (from 1 Peter 2) the week before and you can find it online here.

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