28 August 2006

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

It was encouraging to worship at the church in the nearby village of Blackie and to hear quotations from Robert Murray M'Cheyne, allusions to John Piper's Future Grace, and circumspect exposition of 1 Peter.

I have a long affinity for the church in this rural village since it was the congregation that I joined when I was brought to Christ in the late winter of 1992. It was also the congregation where I functioned as pastor during an internship through Prairie Bible College in 1995.

The church has seen many pastors over the years. Among them was my good friend Ryan Fullerton who now pastors Immanuel Baptist, a vibrant church serving Southern Seminary, Boyce College and inner-city Louisville, KY.

The church at Blackie has had many trials as well. But now to hear the glorious truths of Scripture heralded by pastor Todd Brae with compassion and God-ward perspective is a blessing to my heart.

It is fitting that the church has changed its name to correspond to its emphasis. And so I am happy to commend their new website of the same name:

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

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