24 August 2006

More Calamities

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has published a book accusing the Bush administration of being behind the 9/11 attacks. Mark D. Roberts a pastor in the denomination (and blogger) has responded with criticism of his denomination:
I wonder when my congregation will say, "Enough is enough. Why do we continue to be part of a denomination that consistently does things that are so obviously divisive and unwise, if not offensive to us? When does the cost of being part of the PCUSA overwhelm the dwindling benefits?" As a pastor, I wonder how much longer I want to keep putting out denominationally-set fires in an effort to protect my church from burning down.
(HT: Hugh Hewitt)

Paul Martin also gave his thoughts on the vacuity of liberal mainline churches from his experience of a Sunday service:
Which takes me to my point – mainline denominations like the PCC are dead and this is why: God is not there. End of story.
God will not come down to a place where His supremacy is denied, His Word is mishandled, His Name is mocked, His presence is not sought, His holiness is forgotten, His Son is ignored, His created gender distinctions are not honoured, His Gospel is not preached, and His reality is considered trivial. That is what you get in mainline churches and that is why they are dead.

I truly believe that lapsed Christianity creates monsters. Liberalism doesn't build, but rather destroys.

As Spurgeon said concerning liberals:

All that they can do now is to wriggle into our churches, and hiss from pulpits which were once filled by the orthodox. They cannot build places of worship of their own,—they could not build a mousetrap; as a rule, there is not power enough in their teaching to gather a congregation, or to keep one when it is gathered. All the vitality, force, and energy they possess are spent, cuckoo-like, in laying their eggs in the nests which we take the trouble to fashion, for they cannot build their own.

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