14 August 2006

Discovering Italian Reformers #1

I picked up a Victor Classics book in the series edited by James Houston titled, Because of Christ: Living Out the Gift of God Through Faith. It is an abridged and edited work combining two treatises from Italian theologians in the 16th century.

The first work is One Hundred and Ten Considerations by Juan de Valdes (d. 1541). It is essentially a treatise on justification by faith alone, and the practical implications of this truth. What is remarkable about Valdes' thought is that, as James Houston argues:

there is no evidence he or his circle of friends were in touch with the Reformation sources of Luther, Calvin or other works in the 1530's. Yet later at the trial of Valdes' friend Cardinal Carnesecchi before the Inquisition, the Inquisition judge saw no distinction between Lutheranism and Valdes' teaching.

I will post again from some of the insights of Juan de Valdes, as well as the second treatise On the Benefit of Jesus Christ, Crucified by Don Benedetto.

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