03 August 2006

Aberdeen Phd--- An Update

I just sent out an update letter regarding our plans for PhD study in the UK.

As many of you know, I applied, and was accepted to the MPhil/PhD program of King's College, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

My research area would be New Testament with a specific focus on Union with Christ in the Theology of Paul. My main supervisor would be Simon Gathercole.

Unfortunately however, we don't have sufficient funds to warrant going this fall. This has been quite disappointing for me.

However we are trying to look for God's intentions for us if we stay in Alberta for a year--working and raising support.

In all of this the challenge for me is to hold even my good ambitions with a loose hand, and to trust God for provision and procedures.

We covet your prayers as we look forward to God's unfolding intent.

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